Security and VPN servers

The many facets of the VPN

Security and VPN servers

We are sure that with the previous explanations already you’ve imagined yourself a few situations in which VPN connections may be useful. Is a secret to voices that are especially important in the environment corporate, but their applications not just nor much less there. These are the main uses of VPN connections.

It use more obvious of a connection and the most secure VPN  servers is it interconnectivity in networks that not are physically connected, as is the case of workers that are in that time out of the office or companies with branches in several cities that need access to a unique network private.

From the point of view of it security, allow the access indiscriminate to the network itself of a company from Internet is little less that a madness. Although the access is protected with a password, could be captured in a point of access WiFi public or sighted by an observant malicious.

On the other hand, the risk decreases if the worker and the company are connected via a VPN connection. Access is protected and the connection is predictably encrypted worker has the same access as if it were in person there.

Avoid censorship and geographic blocks of content

With the boom of Internet and rogue both content providers and users, have been popularizing other more recreational uses of VPN connections, many of them related to a very simple concept: distortion where you are.

To connect with VPN, your device communicates with the VPN server, and it is this that speaks with Internet. If you are in China, and the VPN server is in the United States, usually web servers will believe that you are browsing from this country, allowing you to access all contents available only there, such as Netflix.

Similarly, this same logic can be used to access those contents that were censored or blocked in your country, but not there where the VPN server. This is how millions of Chinese citizens manage to connect to Facebook and other 3,000 Web sites blocked in the country.

Extra layer of security

Although it is not strictly necessary, it is common that VPN review 2017  connections come accompanied by an encryption of packets that are transmitted with them, so it is normal to hear the recommendation that, if you need to connect to a public wireless access point, you use unless you connect with a VPN.

Log in to your bank account while you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi network that you don’t trust probably isn’t the best idea in the world, because it is relatively easy for a thief to capture packets without encrypting and done with your user account. Here is where the extra layer of security you can get by using a VPN connection, because the packages would be sent encrypted, so that one who is listening to probably could do nothing with them.

There are, however, small print on this, because while you are suspicious of the public Wi-Fi network, you’re putting all your faith in the VPN server, which can similarly capture all your traffic, keep records of what you do or even sell your bandwidth to the highest bidder. A VPN is as safe and useful as their provider. If you do not trust your VPN, do not use it, because instead of having an additional security layer, you’ll have the enemy at home and looking absolutely everything you do on the Internet.

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