Health Concerns over The 2016 Olympics organization

The World Health Organization rules out postponing or transfer Games from Rio

Health Concerns over The 2016 Olympics organization

To the World Health Organization, there is no public health justification to postpone or cancel the event and there would be no radical change in the global spread of zika virus.

The World Health Organization (who) rejected this Saturday (28/05) the request made by 150 scientists from health to postpone or move the 2016 Olympic Games, the city of Rio de Janeiro and will happen in August, because of the risk of spread of zika virus.

“There is no public health justification for postponing or canceling the games. The who will continue watching the situation and updating its recommendations as necessary, “said the Organization in a statement. According to the who, the cancellation or change of venue of the 2016 Olympics would not change radically the world spreading the virus zika.

The who responded to a public appeal, signed by 150 scientists from around the world, which had asked the Organization for restraint in favour of postponement or change of place of the sporting event. In an open letter to the Director-General of who Margaret Chan, experts from ten countries, including Brazil, have warned that the zika represents “an unnecessary risk”, taking into account that 500 1000 foreign tourists “are going to see the games and can potentially be infected, bringing the virus home, where the infection can become endemic if you are afraid of the virus you can always stay and home and watch the olympics online without fearing for your health.

The letter lists recent scientific evidence that showed that the virus can cause microcephaly in newborns and neurological problems in adults. The experts say that, despite the efforts to combat the Aedes aegypti mosquito, the cases of disease continue increasing in Rio de Janeiro.
Among the signers of the document there are experts from more than 20 countries in areas such as public health, bioethics and Pediatrics, and renowned universities, such as Harvard, Yale and Oxford. Researcher Deborah Dayani, UnB, is the only representative of Brazil to sign the letter.

The who said that Brazil is only one of the 60 countries and territories affected by zika and that people are still traveling between these locations for a variety of reasons. The organization reiterated its previous advice that pregnant women should not travel to the countries or regions affected. Those who want to travel to Brazil to see the Olympic Games should first follow the recommendations of public health of your country and see a doctor, said the who.

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